Monday, June 28, 2010

To Holly

Sweet Holly you are such a character! You know where your "button" is and your nose and head and hair. You learn new things every day.
You make the cutest faces - one of my favorites is when you raise your eyebrows and smile. Cracks us up every time. You also wiggle your shoulders when we sing "all the single ladies" and you raise your hands when we sing "now put your hands up". We think you're brilliant!
You love JD and your mommy and daddy. You suck your thumb and pull our hair when you're tired - just like your daddy did when he was your age. You also love your pink blanket.
Life is so exciting for you. You love to swing and bounce and you'll take a few steps if we insist. You're such a fast crawler that walking is boring. Climbing the stairs is your newest accomplishment. When you reach for me I think my heart might just melt.
Life is so exciting with you in it - can't wait to see you grow!
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Kim said...

Awweee--What wonderful memories! I love the pictures of Liz and the grandbabies. Can't wait to see them grow. Plus I know JD won't like the hat, but it's sooo cute!