Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blog guilt...

I love blogs - I check my reader every day and am so happy when I see that a friend has made an entry. In my blog beginnings I was determined to write daily. It hasn't happened. Do I chalk this up as another failed attempt at a project?

I have learned something in my work with people trying to lose weight. As long as you keep trying and never give up you'll be happy with the result. In the short term we're all annoyed that we can't be perfect in achieving our goals, but if we keep working at what we really want, we find that our best is good enough. It will inevitably take us longer than we expected but the journey is where the fun is found.

So when I can, I will blog. When I look back I know I'll be happy that I stayed with it - even if it isn't every day or even every month. Whatever I can do will be valuable in a future day. My vow is to spend less time feeling guilty and more time doing my best.

p.s. there will always be pictures of grandbabies for your viewing pleasure!!
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LA Adams said...

Thanks Lanette, you really have good insight and adorable grandkids.

Caroline Craven said...

I keep leaving comments on your blog, but they never show up. I think I am doing it right, but who knows. The babies continue to be cute as ever and my comment I left on one of your recent blogs was how I am always amazed by how much I think Liz looks like you. I can't get over how uncanny the resemblance is! Keep up with the blogging - I love keeping up with friends this way.

Bonnie said...

Woohoo, Lanette! You know we all want to hear from you as often as you can. I love it when you blog every single time. Just love hearing your pearls of wisdom and seeing you sweet babies.


Shelli said...

Good tip, Lanette. We should all probably trade our minutes of guilty time for minutes of doing our best. Love that.

Laura said...

I think that may be my new motto: Spent less time feeling guilty and more time doing my best.

As always, you're an inspiration Lanette!