Monday, May 11, 2009

My Life

Outside - It's clear and beautiful, no jacket needed on this mornings run!
From the Kitchen - The after mothers day clean up will be my morning job. The guys just don't see cleaning the kitchen the way I do.
I'm thinking - about a special on Alzheimers I saw...they must find a cure before I start slipping.
From the Reading Room - I'm scattered with lots of books going, lots of stuff for work - I need a good mindless read - any suggestions?
I'm thankful for - being a mom and an almost grandma!
I'm wondering - when Holly and J.D. will come into the world.
I'm wearing - grey capris and coral t-shirt and what else - running shoes.
I'm hoping - I clean the bathrooms today.
I'm praying - that the babies will enjoy their delivery!
I'm hearing - ESPN
Around the house - beautiful roses from mothers day - and tomato plants that need planting.
My Favorite thing - talking to Steven yesterday - he sounds so good and happy. I love having a missionary in the states!!
A few plans for the week - keeping my cell phone charged and by my side just in case Liz needs me.
Here's the way we are this morning - lovely!
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Deanna Munoz said...

That is so exciting Lanette. I can't wait to see you as a Grandma. Congrats, and keep us posted!

Bonnie said...

Love this Lanette. Did you clean the bathroom? I did not clean out hte frig. I have no choice it will be done tomorrow morning.

Can I make a suggestion? Can you put the date on your daybook each week? I didn't realize you had done a new one as the name was the same on my blogroll as the first one last week. It is so great that you have started this just in time for the babies' grande entrance into mortality!!

Mark and Kiss said...

Congratulations on almost being a grandma! How fun. I love your thoughts and musings....a great insight to you...beautiful!