Sunday, May 31, 2009

Growing up Week by Week #2

The babies are perfect - here's J.D.'s favorite face.
Both Holly and J.D. are so content. They cry to be fed or changed, otherwise they're happy.
Liz doesn't like this next picture but I think it's perfect - she's a wonderful mother - these babies are so lucky to have her as a mommy. Jimmy is a great daddy too - changing diapers and all. What a blessing to be able to watch my boy love his little ones.
I must say this is a most beautiful girl.
I'm a happy grandma!
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Bonnie said...

Lanette this must be like seeing yourself with a daughter. Uncanny!

Connie said...

How completely and utterly sweet and wonderful...And how lucky are you to have them RIGHT HERE?!?!?

CA Poppy said...

You ar a happy grandma and I'm so happy for you.