Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yesterday I weedwhacked the front yard - as you can see, there's still a lot of cleaning up to do but as I noticed the flowers in bloom my thoughts went to my dear friend Michelle. She is a master gardener and planted anything good that grows in our yard.
Through the years I'd look out the window and see her planting a little something here and there. She has a way of finding the perfect thing for a great value! When Jim and Liz were married she made sure there were flowers everywhere. She did this for all her friends, never wanting any glory or praise (so she won't like that I'm talking about her here).
Michelle moved to Canada and took a part of our hearts with her but when spring arrives it's as if she's here. I expect her to pop up with her gloves and garden tools. She's just one of those friends you keep in your heart and I miss her all the time but especially in the Spring.
So these pictures are for my sweet friend - thanks...
Now I need to put on my orange gloves and red gardening shoes (which Michelle gave me) and clear out the dead stuff to allow spring to continue to amaze us.
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CA Poppy said...

Thanks for the post and the tribute~Imiss you too!