Sunday, March 15, 2009

The accident photos

After 56 years of being accident free Dave smashed his new mustang.
He was doing some work in downtown Oakland and a lady ran a red light right in front of him. The rest is history...
Hopefully they'll be able to return the car to it's former beauty. We're really happy that no one was hurt and that the red light runner has insurance.
Be careful out there!
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Joe Simpson said...

that hurts to see brother Hopkins

CA Poppy said...

I can do that, only I do it 3 times in less that 3 weeks. Two were not my fault, ohters ran lights, and one I was not even in the truck. It got hit in the street in front of the house late at night. Bummer about the car. Were you hurt?

Hugs and Kisses,


Connie said...

That is so sad! I'm sorry about that, guys....I still say Dave is accident free because it wasn't his fault at all. I'm sure glad that he wasn't hurt! We love you guys so much.

Ralphie said...

Dave and Lanette -

Wow, Dave, when did this happen? So glad that you aren't hurt.
~Barbara Leal