Sunday, March 22, 2009

Expecting week by week #29

Things are good with the babies - they're kicking up a storm.
The closets and drawers are full so we suspended the weekly gifts...I'm sure I'll find something they can't live without now and then.
Seriously the cutest pregnant girl - I glanced over at Liz this afternoon and thought, "What is that big thing under her shirt." Honestly I can hardly believe this dream is coming true for Jim and Liz.
- it's a wonderful thing for the whole family Raabs and Hopkins!!
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Connie said...

She really is adorable! I cannot believe the size of that tummy-- how exciting!!! We really are thrilled for all of you.

CA Poppy said...

how exciting for the twins to almost be here.

Doug said...

I think the same old smile is getting old. I think you need to make a mean face. Transform your feelings to a facial expression Liz.

Liz said...

My mom wanted to leave a comment but couldn't so she wants you to know that she loves the pictures and really appreciates them!!

Liz said...

I will try that next week Doug. Even though I am glad we are taking the pictures I feel a bit strange so next Sunday's picture will be for you!