Monday, January 28, 2008

Together Again

Oh how we will miss our sweet prophet.



I attended our stake Relief Society fireside last night, Sunday January 27,2008. It was the annual Stake Presidents fireside where John and Faye Hunt speak to us. Just before Faye was to speak Pres. Hunt announced that Pres. Hinckley had passed away, there was a collective sigh and a strong witness of the spirit that Gordon B. Hinckley was a prophet. The tears flowed as we thought of never seeing our sweet prophet again.

My sadness is overcome by my joy that he will be able to be with his companion again. It was easy to see that he missed her terribly and at times it felt wrong to pray that his health would be sustained.

I love Sister Hinckley - I want to be like her! No plastic surgery for me, I'm thrilled with the wrinkles. Maybe it's because I love my grandmothers so much. See how their faces are so pure and sweet and beautiful? They have His image in their countenances. Oh may I live long enough to have happy wrinkle on wrinkle. This is true beauty and I can't help but think that everyone recognizes it.

President and Sister Hinckleys legacy will endure for eternity. It's a happy day of reunion for these sweethearts.
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Bon's Blog by Design said...

Amen. Sister! Love the photos. I am so glad we were assembled when word of his passing came.

Vanessa said...

Hi Lanette! This is Cathy's daughter Vanessa. Kim H. gave me your blog address. I'm seriously addicted to blogging and now I can add you to my list of blogs I check! And you are my idol, I am doing WW too and am down 27, with only 38 more to go. Hope you don't care if I add you to my blog list!
ps, you can click on my name above to link to my blog!

Vanessa said...
That would be great! Thanks! I always need some uplifting words to help me stick with it!

The Gatchell Crew said...

I thought the same thing as Bonnie did. I felt the spirit so strong in those moments. Even though we are sad that he is gone. Can you even imagine the welcoming he received on the other side. I am sure everyone was there. And the first person he saw would be his sweet sweet love! I do not think I will ever forget the feeling as we stood & sang We Thank The O God For A Prophet.