Friday, January 25, 2008

I have vacuum issues...

So when we built our house we installed a whole house vacuum. It was great until someone stepped on the hose and put a dent in it. No big problem until one day it would not suck - a very bad thing for a vacuum.


After many attempts at clearing the hose with no success I performed surgery! Cutting a hole in the hose at the clog (we figured out where the clog was by sending a penny down the hose) which of course was right at the previously mentioned dent.

Guess what I found? A sock - yes someone had sucked up a sock! How hard is it to bend down and pick up a sock? No no just suck it up in the vacuum and no one will ever know. Of course there was quite a back-up of disgusting unidentifiable other stuff that had been sucked up against the sock.

Since then the vacuum just hasn't been the same - the duct tape repair and the dent plus subsequent dents - (can't we just walk over the hose? Must we step on it??) have me pulling all sorts of things out of the dented areas at regular intervals.

I won't even get into the disgusting carpet that must be replaced - I blame it all on the vacuum troubles.

I do have a tip from a friend regarding vacuuming. She suggested leaving the vacuum out so that if someone drops by they think you've been busy vacuuming and if the carpet is dirty they assume you just got started. Isn't that a nice Suzy Homemaker idea?
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Bon's Blog by Design said...

This is a good one! Call Dave M...the vacuum guy in the ward. He may have some help. Love the leaving the vacuum out as someone may actually stumble by and use it. There is never a good place to store one anyway. Can you send me that link to Hilary B and that one of that other funny girl? Thanks! B

Deanna Munoz said...

I LOVE that idea. With that, I think we should add...leave the bleach, pledge and windex out as well, so that at all times...we are "just in the middle of cleaning"!!! LOL!! I love it!!!

Miss Jen said...

Hey Lanette-

Love the blog. Do you mind if I link to your 'body image' post? I have a few friends that would benefit from that little golden nugget! LMK.