Wednesday, January 23, 2008


A friend was talking about the new show - “How to look good naked”. It has me thinking a lot because I’m in the biz of helping people lose weight. Should I not be encouraging people to get healthy and fit? Should we just be happy with our bodies the way they are and forget about all that it takes to get into the healthy BMI range? Here are a few of my thoughts:

We came to earth to get a body - it’s the Sunday School answer. Our spirits have lived for a very long time, our bodies are relatively new. Our spirits are spiritual, our bodies are physical. One of the big jobs of earth life is to get these two elements working together - otherwise what’s the big deal about having a body? Instead of getting them to work together we spend a lot of time at war within ourselves. The spirit wanting one thing, the body wanting the other.

This war is a great distraction - the adversary loves it. His work and glory is to get us to hate and destroy our bodies. After all if he can’t have one then why should we enjoy ours? He’ll take it either way - obsess because you hate your body (and tell everyone all about it - I’m going to scream if I hear one more beautiful woman say - I’m so fat and ugly and worthless.) or obsess because you love your body. Either way it’s out of balance. Until I realized that my body and spirit are on the same team and that to be successful they had to work together I felt as if I was fighting a losing battle. Wanting to be healthy and fit in order to serve my family and friends but feeling like I was never going to get there and tired of trying.

This coming together of body and spirit is a lifelong process but you know how wonderful it feels when the body and spirit are in balance. When you have control of your body - not in the tugging and pulling way like trying to get a stubborn mule to move but in the kind and gentle way of walking together, arms around each other. (I must admit that at times it sounds like I might have a split personality disorder but hopefully you know what I mean.)

I had to learn to love my body - all 215 lbs. of it! Keep in mind we’re stuck together for all eternity… I’ve learned so much from losing 65 lbs. (you could totally figure out how much I weigh - and I don’t mind! Woo Hoo). I learn new things every day. What I know is that this body is a blessing and it will respond to the gentle nudges toward health and fitness. It feels so good to have both parts of me physical and spiritual on the same team - working together (trust me it’s not perfect but we keep trying…) The result is health and with that health I have more energy to do what I came to the planet to do - it unfolds every day and it’s a blast!

Eternity is going to be fun!


The Gatchell Crew said...

You see this is why I love you my dear! You have such wisdom & faith it is truly amazing to me the incredible woman you are. I think it is the right thing to do working at being heathly. I think it is the natural way God intended our bodies & spirits to be, to be in sync with each other. I think you are fabulous in every single way & I am just happy to be able to soak up some of your fabulousness when I am near you! :) Marianne

Bon's Blog by Design said...

I think it is all about the battle, the inner conflict that you were speaking about. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. It is the ideal way to be and a righteous desire of the heart. I have been thinking the last two days about what goes on in our heads in this battle.

It goes back to the idea that a healthy person needs to feel lovable and capable. Those two things are essential to being happy in my opinion. When you have a weight problem you don't feel either of those. Fat has been disdained for centuries just for being ugly and has been the base of emotional problems long before the current health craze in our culture. Unfortunately it has so much to do with one's self-esteem, sexuality, and the way they are perceived by most everyone, including other fat people. Even little kids by the time they are 4 or 5 know to be fat is not good even when parents try hard not to let that prejudice sneak in, it does. All of the people that want political correctness in everything have overlooked this major prejudice so far it seems. I also think that this whole thing of shame and guilt and embarrassment contributes to health problems of fat people. Seeking medical help can be a very painful experience. I think that some even feel unworthy of being helped because of their body and the shape it is in.

As for what you are is fantastic, Lanette. You are an example of someone who has been successful in this battle, and although we all know it is truly never over you are doing really well. All your training and help is benefiting all of us.

I just think this is a complex issue that overlaps so many facets of a person, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. On the one hand we know God loves us no matter what, on the other hand it is hard to feel it when you know he wants more than you sometimes feel you can give or do. Again, it comes down to being lovable and capable on every level.

It has been a remarkable experience for us to watch you overcome and it gives hope to many. It is so helpful to know that we have seen at least one person we actually it! Keep working, keep searching for the answers. As Marianne says...we love your fabulousness.

I apologize for this lengthy reply! I love your rock!
eHugs, B

Lanette said...

I feel the same way about you my sweet friend - what a treat to have you nearby. You are so fun and amazing. It's the mutual admiration society right here in cyberspace!

Lanette said...

That last comment was for both Mare and Bon - you have no idea how fabulous you are.

The mental work required to lose weight is massive but it can be done. It's small and simple things - one of the new features of WW is 8 healthy habits. It's very cool - it seems a lot of our health issues stem back to bad habits. There are 8 habits people who've lost weight and kept it off have incorporated in their lives. Just like reading scriptures, praying etc. it's about doing things over and over again until they become new healthy habits. You guys can conquer this - never give up!

Bon's Blog by Design said...

I gave Laura in Utah your blog site. She started a blog just for her weight loss journey and you can find it on my blog under Woodruff 2. It is great so far. I love the sombero weight loss counter and goal setter.

Lanette said...

I saw her site - you know I'm becoming a master blogsurfer - you've created a monster. I'd love to help Laura, if she ever needs a cheerleader I'm available!

Deanna Munoz said...

YOU CONTINUE TO INSPIRE ME!!! Lanette, I LOVE YOU!!! You are so amazing, and I love that I have the amazing oportunity to be one of your projects!! You always remind me of all of the reasons to be fit and healthy!!! I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much for being such an amazing example to me!!!! YOU ROCK!!!