Sunday, August 30, 2009

Growing up Hopkins #15

It's hard to take a bad picture of Holly and JD but my settings made the pictures a bit yellow.
Taking a photography class was fun but there's so much to learn...
Hopefully the picture quality will improve with practice.
JD talks up a storm and Holly is grabbing for things.
As Liz says, "JD found his tongue (he likes to stick it out now) and Holly found her hands.
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Bonnie said...

They are a full of expressions! JD looks like Jimmy!

LA Adams said...

That whole joy of discovery is so fun to watch - each day there is something new! I'm glad you are sharing it brings back so many memories!

Michele and John said...

your grandkids are adorable, and i must say it loks like your photography class is paying off. these are awesome pictures. i need to sign up next time she in in utah!

Rebecca & Jeff said...

How Fun!! They are just getting cuter every day! I cant wait to see how much they have grown by Christmas! Thanks for all the updates!