Sunday, August 9, 2009

Growing up Hopkins #13

Here's beautiful Holly!
They're building up to it...
Then in full cry - Holly is the cutest cryer - her bottom lip comes out a mile and then she lets loose - it's so cute. It's probably wrong to giggle when a baby cries but we can't help it.
JD already planning his college career.
Can't believe how time is passing so quickly. Holly and JD are more fun every day.
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Bonnie said...

You are so lucky to have them so close...I hope they never move!

Caroline Craven said...

You've got some cuties there. I have to enjoy everyone's else'e babies, as I have resigned myself to the fact that "grandmahood" is a few years out for me! Not that I'm anxious for my girls to get married too young, but I am obviously not getting any younger myself. By the time I have grandbabies, I'll be too old to enjoy them or to be a fun, hip granny.