Monday, June 15, 2009

Photography - the backyard

I think photography might be my next hobby. It's fun and easy. I'm visiting lots of blogs about photography. One thing I've learned is that pictures capture moments - they tell a story. So I'll take pictures that mean something to me and if someone else likes them that's fun, but if not I've captured a piece of my life as I enjoy the passage of time. Here's a challenge - take your camera to the backyard and find some stories.

We planted grape vines a few years ago. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of laying under my grandparents grape arbor on hot summer days.
I planted this apple tree thinking my grandkids would need a tree to climb.
My sweet friend Michelle planted these - they're called "hot lips". Now that she lives far away they're a reminder of the fun we had.
These blackberries burrowed under the fence from the neighbors yard. They took over the corner of the back yard. They're delicious but painful to prune after the last berry is plucked. But prune them we must or we'd have no yard - just a blackberry jungle.
What stories does your backyard hold. Capture them with pictures.
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Connie said...

Were we ever on the same wavelength this morning! I went outside and took a picture of my pretty flowers and blogged about that, too! Ha ha
'Tis the season of beauty and bounty, right? And I love your new camera hobby! What a perfect time to start that up--you GO, Girl!!!

Faye said...

You are getting good with your new lens! We will have to get together some day and you can share some of your photography knowlege with me. I think of the many things I could leave behind for my family - pictures are the best because they share a story like you said - and they don't necessarily take up a tone of space - unlike other things we acauire and collect over the course of time. I'm sticking with photography as my re-newed interest now.

Bonnie said...

This is so great because I have really been into it too. I think the digitals have just opened a whole new world to us all. We should get together and share fun tips. I think it is such a worthwhile and inexpensive hobby and goes great with grandmotherhood and blogging. What else is there, I ask you?