Sunday, June 7, 2009

Growing up Hopkins #3

At the doctors office for their check-up. Both babies gained 11 oz. Great milk Liz!
Cute J.D. - sporting his surprised look
Holly with her version. They're starting to focus in on faces and spending some time with their eyes open.
I had to add this picture of Uncle Johnny and Holly. John says he can't wait until J.D. can give him a high 5!
We just love these babies, they're perfect in every way!
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Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness. Double everything. Love the funny faces they are making. The photos of Johnny and Holly is my favorite~so cute!

CA Poppy said...

Beautiful pics!Tell me about the twins baby blessing.I'm sure it was wnderful to have the family together.

Doug said...

I'm pretty sure JD is giving us a preview of his dunking face. I feel a professional Basketball player in the Fam.

Jimbo said...

Yeah, you see his right hand gripping the rim there. I'm gonna have him running lines by 6 months.