Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A good little blogger

I want to be a good little blogger. There are so many wonderful, creative people out there who post clever, inspiring entries. I don't care about being famous - I just don't want to embarrass myself or future generations. I do want to blog though so here are a few concerns: If I post about an outing with friends, other friends will feel bad that they weren't invited.
If I post about my kids they might be embarrassed and annoyed at me.
I seem to start lots of things and then stop - I guess this is human nature but it's frustrating!
There must be pictures and they should be decent.
etc. etc.

What do you think about these issues? Anyway I'm thinking as I write that the best blogs are when the writers personality comes shining through. I'll stop worrying about my blog being as fun as someone elses and just do my best to keep it up. I'll try to write about something other than Holly and JD now and then but they're just so darn adorable!! Proof in pictures

I know, no faces but it's nice to know the back of my hair doesn't look all that bad with the growing out highlights.

Please keep posting to your blog and I'll do the same....try, try again!
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Caroline Craven said...

Okay, so my blogs are nothing like Bonnie's. She is just a gifted writer and I'm not, or at least I don't put as much thought and effort into mine as she does, but I love blogging because I love to read the comments. It just makes me feel a little more connected to friends. It doesn't have to be a great blog, we just want to know what's going on in your life. Keep blogging. And, if I had cute grandbabies all I would blog about would be them!

Shopkins said...

I feel the same way you do!! I wnat to be a good blogger, but man o man I'm not that creative! :) I just love seeing you blog so I know whats going on. The Grandkids of yours are so adorable!! keep up the great blogging! :)

Lacy said...

I love your blog! I love reading your entries because I feel your optimistic personality shine through on all. And I think you have great pictures. I love variety. I enjoy good photos, but if every post had accompanying photos, that would get old. I love when people just get on and write, journal style. It makes me relate to them, probably because I don't take great photos :)

Don't ever feel bad about not posting often to your blog! Mine has dwindled and I always want to be better, but the truth is, there are just so many more important things out there to do.

I miss you Lanette!

Tammy said...

I used to feel bad about posting when other friends might feel bad, but now, I hope that my friends are good enough friends that they will understand I do things with a variety of people! I check all the time just to see if you write... keep blogging away!

Caroline Craven said...

Me again. I stayed home because there wasn't enough seats and ALSO because I figured I would probably get sick. I can barely manage big planes. I know - Trevor 12! Where did the time go. Wasn't he just a baby a few short years ago???

Bonnie said...

There are as many different blog styles as their are people. That is one reason they are so much fun.

I think people have to decide why they blog. As you know my reason was to keep my family connected so I wanted it to be newsy and have pictures.

I don't stop to think about whether they will like it, I guess I should. The problem with that is that people who get to worrying about their kids liking their blog, probably worry too much unless you intend to reveal their deepest faults and secrets. Truth be told most kids don't read their mother's blog anyway! LOL!

And if they do they might roll their eyes but I doubt they'd get mad. You can write fun and funny stories in a loving way that let's them know you write about them because you are proud of them and love them. All kids love that from their parents, don't they?

Your photos are great, you took that class in SF that I missed!

I understand your thoughts regarding doing things with friends and someone maybe getting their feelings hurt. You probably have more friends than anyone I know and they have to know you do things with various groups of people. Look how many clubs you belong to? Haha.

I am thinking that maybe I just write too much stuff about my life. But I try to always make it upbeat and I do leave out the yucky stuff...who would want to read that anyway?

For me what makes a blog fun is the person that writes it and just staying connected. You do that in a great way and it is your way.

You know me I love everything you do and everything about you! So keep up your own unique version of blogging. We all love it.