Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer 2010

What a fun summer we've had! In no particular order here's what happened:
Johnny turned 16, He survived his high adventure trip with white water rafting, rapelling, bouldering, zip lining etc. Johnny also worked with Dave setting up the new firm and was Liz's faithful assistant on trips to the zoo, park etc.

Holly and JD both learned to walk. We read lots of stories, sang songs, laughed, took walks, went swimming and played with toys.

Whenever JD and Holly come over they head straight for the piano and keyboard. They are also great dancers - JD bounces up and down - Holly wiggles side to side. The best thing that's happening this summer is that Holly and JD are moving just down the street from us!!! Oh Jim and Liz are coming too - we couldn't be more thrilled - it's this grandma's dream come true.
This summer has been so much fun - Fall promises to be full of wonderful things too - I really am enjoying the passage of time!

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Bonnie said...

The kids are getting so big and Johnny has really grown up this summer. Wow! So happy your little family is coming closer and will be in our ward. I'm missing you big time. Hope the reunion was good!

Caroline Craven said...

I look at all my friend's blogs and all I see (mostly) are pictures of their cute grandbabies. I am so ready to join the club, but Nicki assures me it will be a few years before they are ready to have kids (ya, right). However, they won't be living down the street from me, so even when they do come, I will be more on Faye's plan than yours. Missing the ones I don't have yet!!!