Sunday, October 11, 2009

Almost 5 monhts

Seriously the cutest babies with the most adorable outfits!
JD really reminds me of his daddy and uncles - he looks like a Hopkins boy!
I bet Liz's mom feel the same about Holly. She looks just like Liz. Isn't she the most adorable little girl ever?
Those cheeks just beg for grandma kisses! They're cooing and starting to sit up and reach for things like faces and glasses and earrings.

They love mommy and daddy - there's nothing better than seeing your kids love their kids!! (had to include Holly's pout - adorable!!)
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Caroline Craven said...

Lanette, they just get cuter with each post, as I'm sure you are well aware! What adorable little grandbabies you have. Love the pout - every girl should have one!

Caroline Craven said...

Hey Lanette,
Next time you see Bonnie M. would you ask her if something is wrong with her blog. I keep trying to get on her site and it won't open all the way. I can get on everyone else's, just not hers, it starts to open, then I get a funky dark blue screen with her picture underneath it. I know she is in Utah for awhile, but when you see her, she might want to check that. Is it just me or are you having a hard time opening her blog?