Saturday, April 4, 2009


The promise of Spring is that when summer rolls around there will be Apples
and grapes (if we can keep the racoons from eating them all)
And blackberries - which need to be thinned because they're choking out my favorite lilac bush...
And someday Holly and JD can sing Popcorn Popping on this apricot tree!!
Why didn't I plant fruit trees 16 years ago when we moved into the house? Can you imagine the bountiful harvest we would have? Oh well, better late than never!
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Laura said...

One of these days I will have to get a babysitter and come and read a good book in your beautiful backyard - right next to your lilac bush. Lilacs are my absolute favorite. One day I will have my own lilac bush, but for now I enjoy my yummy lilac-scented candle. :)