Friday, March 7, 2008

Life can be hard - don't be bitter

This is my great grandmother and grandfather. Their love story is like a fairy tale. My Grandmother left a beautiful life history telling her "little ones" as she calls us, all about her life. Grandma was 5 feet tall and grandpa was over 6 ft. Aren't they a beautiful couple?
Life was wonderful.

Grandma had a couple of little children and was pregnant with my grandmother when she got the news that grandpa, who had been working in a copper mine, had been killed in an accident. My heart breaks when I read the story. Grandma shares that in her deep sorrow her father gave her this advice, "Abby, you can choose to be bitter or you can go on in faith. Don't be bitter."

(Grandma Gooch with her son)
Fast forward 50+ years and you find me knowing and loving my Grandma Gooch (she outlived 3 husbands, the last was Grandpa Gooch). I don't think I ever saw my great-grandmother without a smile on her face. She was the most lovely woman - so full of faith, even though her life was so hard. In her history she tells of losing a baby, having financial setbacks on top of being alone with a little family for many years. As a teenager I didn't know her story and would never have guessed that she had lived through such trials. She trusted the Lord all the days of her life.

Even in the nursing home where she lived out her last days she was always upbeat and positive. Though her memory was gone she was happy.

Now to the present - Our family has had a rough week - watching my children wanting children so much and having to wait for that blessing is very difficult. I've always felt that Great Grandma Gooch is my guardian angel and I can feel her encouraging me to press forward with faith. Her testimony reaches down through the ages to bless my life. May I follow Grandma Gooches example. May my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren know me as one who loves life and has faith that God lives and loves us.

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Cathy said...

A beautiful story about a beautiful Grandma. What an amazing example of enduring to the end. The pictures are awesome!!

Deanna Munoz said...

This is SUCH a beautiful story Lanette. I am so glad you shared it.

Bonnie said...

Lanette, this is so inspiring and something that my 60 years has taught me. We literally choose how we will react to whatever happens to us. Every time something bad or sad happens we literally come to that fork in the road where we decide our path. Choosing not to be bitter is the only way to that peace we all seek. And I think once it is chosen by us, God then reveals the blessings in the most unusual ways. People are so resilient and this is going to a topic I am posting about very soon.

Sometimes I think our most exquisite pain comes in sharing the pain of our children. Double jeopardy~I call it. But God is always kind and gives us double joy in them also. In time we will understand these trials better.

There have been times when my kids' had broken hearts about things and I have told them someday you will understand. I think it happens a lot sooner than we think it will sometimes. I have seen it often in our family. These things always teach of great empathy and get us closer to our goals of loving all people.

Sue said...

Lanette I loved your comments and what Bonnie said too! I love being "older"